11th grade Puentista Xochitl Ruiz from Everett Alvarez High School in Salinas has already been accepted at UC Merced, UC Santa Cruz, the University of Farmington-Maine, the University of Great Falls, Valpo University and Concordia University. Xochitl plans to attend medical school at UC San Francisco after earning her Bachelors degree.

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Come celebrate with us

Join PUENTE founders, staff and supporters for a festive with performances from local mariachis and a folklorico dance troop to celebrate PUENTE'S remarkable 30-year success story!

Come celebrate with us

Our 30 Year Journey

Since its inception in 1981, PUENTE has taken root and flourished, gaining momentum in California high schools and community colleges, and winning recognition for its program success.

Our 30 year journey

400,000 Students Strong

PUENTE has won accolades for its approach to helping more than 400,000 underserved students thrive academically — PUENTE reaches high schools and community college as far north as Redding, California and as far south as the border with Mexico.

400,000 students strong